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Zed Ed Leadership Academy

The ZedED Mastermind series is a programme of one-day, group workshops for companies, that deliver critical business leadership insights and skills for the changing world of work. A breakthrough employee development resource, these will be available from March 2019. Please register your interest via the links below.

The ZedED Momentum series is a powerful collection of short, impactful, online courses, to equip leaders with the tools, mental tenacity and flexibility, not only to survive, but to thrive, in the coming future of work. See below for course details and to register your interest.

The ZedED Mastermind Workshop Series


7 Keys to Leadership Confidence & Mental Toughness for Powerful Impact

Research indicates that 50% of an individual’s performance is a direct result of their state of mind. Only 5% of our time is spent optimising performance through mental training (Doug Strycharczyk and Peter Clough, the creators of the Mental Toughness 4 C’s model and MTQ48 profile test).

No commercial organisation is sustainable without the consistent focus on bottom line outcomes. This Leadership Confidence & Mental Toughness workshop provides the much needed mental skills development to improve business outcomes. We take a 3 Dimensional Action Learning approach by focusing on the individual, the team and the bottom-line numbers. This is ideal for new manager leaders and teams or experienced leaders looking for tools and strategies to strengthen and amplify decision-making and action-taking. The 7 keys to Leadership Confidence works directly on improving the 4 C’s of Mental Toughness: Control, Confidence, Challenge and Commitment. This 7 Keys methodology means you can test and measure results directly to ensure ROI is achieved.

Lia Zalums, founder and CEO of ZedAxis Leadership Consultancy delivers a 3D Action Learning experience workshop to dive deep into the 7 keys that are fundamental to delivering your message with confidence and powerful impact. This workshop is specifically designed for purpose-driven business leaders and corporate executives who want to speak and lead with power and purpose, and cut through the noise and be recognised and respected for their contributions as key influencers and difference-makers in their field, and to be promoted and chosen for roles and projects and teams that matter. Drawing on a long career in sales leadership in Science & Technology, entrepreneurship and psychology-based Master of Science in coaching, Lia delivers a unique integrated learning experience to catapult you into a whole new dimension of thinking, being and doing.

Watch the ZedAxis 7 Keys to Leadership Confidence and Powerful Impact Video Here

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Unlocking the Value of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessment is a powerful tool when evaluated with skilful coaching and appropriate development plans created ad actioned. This workshop will take leaders on an experiential journey to reveal the radical commercial and human potential of this evidence-based toolkit. Deep slef knowledge will only translate into better performance when data is integrated with skilful leadership development coaching skills.

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Talent Attraction and Retention for the Future of Work

This workshop provides key insights into the nature of change in the corporate workplace, the pressures and drivers impacting talent migration. Leaders and managers will use structured practical resources to ensure your organisation is attracting and retaining the most productive constellation of leaders and executives. 

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The ZedED Momentum Series


Cultivating Leadership Mental Toughness

This online 30-day intensive course provides leaders and emerging leaders with sustained, structured, personal and group support to cultivate the habit of mental toughness, and to remove the blocks to career satisfaction.

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Sales Performance Management

This online 30-day intensive course provides the basics of sound sales management to run a profitable business or business unit. Strategies and templates will provide objective and measurable positive outcomes for participating leaders. These tools can be taken back into the field to improve sales team performance management.

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Getting Fit for the Job

Sustainable high performance and values-driven work are the foundation of success. This proven, popular 30-day intensive course is a must for leaders seeking to improve focus, discipline and inspiration. Ask us about the powerful results achieved by ZedAxis alumni.

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I have worked with [ZedAxis] over the last year, developing health industry technology solution engagements. I found [my consultant] to be a detail-focused person, who always had both the big picture, and the detailed scope in mind..
(S. Butler, Business and Development Executive)

I recently attended a [ZedAxis] Women’s leadership eWorkshop, covering the Set Your Mind for Success, Conscious Leadership and Emerging Leaders program modules. I thoroughly enjoyed the series content, openness and trust built among participants, which [the ZedAxis leader] managed to create with such ease… 
(V. Cohen, Corporate Team Leader)

I want to thank [ZedAxis] for the valuable coaching and support I have received. [ZedAxis] ticks all the boxes. I wanted a coach and had so much fun working with [my consultant]. She understands the technology industry that I am working in…
(A. Chethana, Technical and Business Specialist)