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In this video you will learn a 3 step self-coaching process to get you back into action when you lose your way feeling flat or lost or just plain fed up.

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When things get tough, which is part of the deal when we strive toward our real dreams and take action toward big goals, it can become so tempting to quit.  

 I have lost days and weeks in that frustrated struggling state at different times in my corporate and business career.

What I have learnt through my Executive Coaching Psychology training and working with executives and entrepreneurs is that my emotional and psychological state is 100% my responsibility to take care of.

It is my level of Mental Toughness that causes me to either quit or continue.

 I’m ZedAxis Founder and Director, Lia Zalums, and after investing the last 5 years in Coaching Psychology training and applying science-based tools and strategies to help executives and entrepreneurs excel at their work and life, I now share the best most powerful tools to help ambitious executives and entrepreneurs manage our energy and state of mind so they can improve HOW they lead and amplify their impact faster.

Are you stuck?

Avoiding the things you know you need to do? 


Putting everyone else’s needs before your career & business goals?

How would you feel if you truly were doing work you love and getting paid your worth?

Maybe….just maybe….is it time to put this big rock down and make your career, your business, your income stream the main thing…

What could life look like for you then?

What are your biggest challenges in your quest to attain your next role?

And what would you like this course to help you with specifically?

What outcome will tell you that you have derived value from your investment?

Take this step to further empower yourself to stand out from the crowd and get that ideal next role.​

What you'll get:

Your Unique Leader Identity

Empower yourself to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

What Matters Most

Confidence expressing your unique value.

Robust Reliable Strategies

Evidence-based frameworks to coach yourself forward.

Why You are the Best Choice

Communicate with more powerful influence & impact.

What My Clients Say

I’ve helped hundreds of mid-career executives and entrepreneurs unlock the courage and confidence to make bold career moves.

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