Is your work making an impact that is meaningful to you?

PwC ( recently reported that 7/10 workers would consider an offer for a more fulfilling job. 1/3 are willing to consider lower pay. What is going on? This article is an excellent snapshot of what matters most to your employees. We have moved out of the information economy into a meaning and values driven world. People want more than a paycheck. And they want to find meaning and value in their workplace, in the work they do. 2019 is fast approaching. December is the perfect time to be reflecting on 2018 and listening to what is rumbling in you, your team and your company. What is that catalyst for change? What can you do to create more fulfilment? Or perhaps you too busy exhausting yourself just to keep the paycheck coming for as long as you can. Now is the time to decide what your catalyst for change is and start researching and developing your options. Your breakthrough could be closer than you think. Transformation does not have to be long and complex. How would your leadership impact look like if you were operating in your full power, doing work that really matters.

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