What is your Catalyst for Change? Step 2

Yesterday I discussed the first stage in the journey toward success as the Catalyst of Change. Science has shown that human beings are hard-wired to grow and improve. Dopamine mediates feelings of motivation and satisfaction. The desire to thrive is in our DNA. This means that when disgruntlement intensity and frequency grows, we are often not growing and improving, and this becomes the Catalyst for Change. This Research & Development stage is often characterised by a drop off in engagement, productivity and absences from work increase. It comes back to the central theme that human beings want to feel valued, to belong, do work that matters. There must be something better, something more, where I can put my energies and improve my ROI. This R & D stage can also be triggered by employers and other authority figures making decisions for you. Fulfilled employees plan to stay at their current employer nearly three years longer in total than their less fulfilled counterparts. (https://lnkd.in/fAZuHjF)

Tomorrow I will discuss the next stage of the process to attain success and impact that matters for the passionate Visionary leader.

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